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A buyer’s guide to used saddles

Horse riding is a very expensive sport : between the equipment required for the horse and the one required for the rider, it calls for a huge budget to be able to fulfill your passion. It is especially the case of the saddle, which is one of the most expensive horse riding equipment.

The importance of an appropriate saddle

The saddle is an essential element of the horse rider's equipment : indeed it is intended for an intensive use, and your horse will bear it for a long time. That is why it has to suit your horse perfectly and respect its morphology, to not wound its at work. So you absolutely have to choose your saddle according to your horse. But it is not always easy to choose the best saddle when you are novice. So do not hesitate to turn towards a saddle fitter : this professional is able to know precisely which kind of saddle is suitable for your horse. Once you know which saddle you have yo buy, you will be able to check the different possibilities you have.

Solutions to afford a good saddle

So it is absolutely essential to have a perfectly suitable saddle for your horse. But a good saddle is usually expensive : indeed a quality leather saddle may cost until thousands dollars. This is a huge budget that many rider cannot afford. That is why a lot of them choose to turn towards the second-hand market : indeed there are many quality leather saddles, which have always been well-maintained by their first owner. So they are like if they were brand new, and the riders who have a low budget can afford a quality saddle at a low cost. However, if you want to buy a used saddle, you have to be sure of its state : it has to be clean and not damaged, in order to avoid serious injury to you horse. Find the best of the used saddles on

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