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A selection of used and restored saddles to purchase

The choice of the saddle for your horse is of great importance in the world of riding, because the seat is an element that unites the horse rider comfort and safety depend on it.

Most popular saddles and what are they for?

It exists on the market a number of options for new passengers not know very well what is the best solution for them or what is the best for them. It is important to know the most popular saddles, the most used and most requested, taking into account the wide variety of possibilities. More than by name, we need to appreciate them for their characteristics and how they can be used in different disciplines and tasks. The main reason you buy a chair is using.

The most versatile saddles

When choosing the saddle of the horse, to know the use that will be made will help you know what type of saddle choose. While looking for a versatile option, the used english saddles for sale are perhaps the most popular and most used. They have a good structure, are well designed and are simple regarding the components that make it up, making it virtually a suitable solution for all types of use: running, dressage or jumping, for example. In fact, it is most recommended for those new to riding, but also the most used by professional riders.

The first chair

Experts suggest that the actual saddle with a wooden frame, comfortable and offering more safety to the rider, make its appearance until the character draws the bow from his horse and sat in a saddle features very high exercise (back and front), which gives better balance and greater security during the race and while his hands are busy shooting arrows.

The experiences of man are good thanks to its achievements during her relationship with horses, and complicity begins with this meeting the standard of equestrian disciplines.

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