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Every stool is made for a purpose

At all times, in all cultures, the saddle has been a working accessory, more or less luxurious. Over the centuries, it has adapted to the uses and modes. Today each equestrian discipline has its type of saddle. The new materials are used by the latter to optimize the search for performance.

Purpose of a saddle

Choosing a saddle is an important step for both the rider and his horse. It is an important choice that depends on many criteria. It is important to choose a saddle according to the discipline practiced, the morphology of the horse, the size and weight of the rider but also his budget. The saddle must go to your horse. But it must also go, otherwise, your position may be bad or uncomfortable, which will affect the comfort of your mount.

A saddle for which use?

To each discipline his saddle. Dressage, CSO, endurance, TREC, western ... There are as many types as equestrian disciplines. Even if some saddles are more versatile than others it is important to define which saddle can meet your expectations! For example a versatile classic riding rider, will choose a mixed saddle, which will suit all disciplines. On the other hand, a rider practicing only dressage will choose a dressage saddle. Each saddle has characteristics specific to its discipline. A saddle of training offers a better descent of leg that a saddle of obstacle. Conversely it is very impractical to balance in a saddle dressage.

What saddle for my budget?

It is also possible to opt for a used saddle, a good idea to find a saddle of great brand at a more affordable price. Because used saddle, do not mean bad saddle. Among the occasions are beautiful saddles, sometimes almost new or very well maintained, and sometimes even real wonders. I leave you to judge for yourself by making a tour in the ads of the site of used saddles for sale.

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