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Horse peculiarities and the saddles that work best

The saddle is an important accessory for riding. Choosing the right horse is therefore very important for anyone who aspires to ride a horse. This choice depends on several parameters such as the comfort of the rider on his or her mount or the safety of the rider and his or her mount. That’s why you must pay the greatest attention to the choice of your riding saddle.

The Main peculiarities of Horses

Each horse has a typical morphology. This morphology or physical aspect makes the beauty and uniqueness of the horse. When a rider chooses a horse, he often does so according to his morphology. It will take into account the horse’s size, weight, profile, etc. This in order to find the animal best suited to its riding discipline. You are aware that a racehorse will not have the same physical characteristics as endurance or show jumping horse.

According to some studies and authors, including Xenophon, the morphology of the horse reflects its character. In addition, you can carry your choice by distinguishing three parts of its body: the forequarters, the back and the hindquarters. The front and hindquarters determine in which equestrian sport the horse would be best suited, while the body whose main parts are the withers, back and stomach determine the type of saddle.

Which saddle is best suited for her horse?

The saddle best suited to a horse is the one that perfectly follows the curves of its back. In fact, the position of the withers, the length of the back or its curvature are all factors that come into account when choosing a saddle for your horse. That’s why most saddles are made to measure for the rider and his horse. In addition, it is always recommended to try the saddle directly on the horse’s back. You can visit this site to find a saddle adapted to your horse. In addition, the brand offers second-hand saddles at very competitive prices.

Horse accessories

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