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How to tell a pony from a horse

The ponies are known to be the horses of the little ones. However, no one has ever dreamed of the fact that these animals could have some assets that make them surpass real horses.

Start well

Riding a pony is a very fast and effective method for getting started in the world of horse riding. Walking beside the animal, learn to stand on the saddle, properly steer his horse, improve his ability to concentrate and precision by learning to manage his pony, to create links with it, to learn to master it and to understand it, to take responsibility, etc. ; with equitack, you'll have more details about these benefits of starting with a pony and not with a horse. In addition, horses are more hectic compared to ponies. They are always looking for adventures, challenges and activities of the highest level to perfect themselves. While a pony prefers to improve with you. He is more patient, more attentive to your needs and will always understand what you will ask him to do. Besides, taking care of such an animal can improve your mind, your morale and your psychology; and could even improve your riding skills.

A softer sport

For those who are more towards soft sport, where the important thing is to have fun and not to venture into a world filled with strong sensation and new challenges, where the fact of becoming passionate little by little makes all the charm horse riding ; ponies are the animals they need. Indeed, these animals are probably made to bear more weight compared to horses, but they are less enduring, so safer in terms of safety. In addition, rub shoulders with ponies, it is especially to communicate with a nice animal, cute, adorable and very sweet. They are very careful about the movements to be undertaken and absolutely avoid taking risks even if the rider motivated them to take them. Moreover, riding can be done in groups or solo depending on the preferences of the person. But just know that your pony will always be there for you and will always be ready for the fun activities you will do.

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