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Finding the right fit for you and your horse

Have you decided to change your riding saddle because yours is aging much faster than expected or perhaps you have also changed your mount and therefore your saddle is no longer suitable for your new horse? The choice of a new saddle is essential because it will allow you to have a good position once in the saddle, to have well descended legs, a constant shoulder holding and all this will depend on the choice of saddle that you go buy. Inevitably a saddle suitable for the horse is just as important because necessarily the saddle must not touch the entire length of the horse's spine. Otherwise if your saddle is not suitable for your mount it may have undesirable long-term consequences and may even completely destroy the back of your horse, this is why the choice of a new saddle is not made lightly. So it is true that a saddle is very expensive so why not try to see used english saddles for sale? Indeed a second-hand saddle does not mean that it is in poor condition, on the contrary, it will already begin to relieve your wallet since obviously when buying the saddle will cost less, and it may also allow you to have a saddle of much better quality in terms of finishes, of the material used even if it is not like new. So buying a used saddle can be a very good idea if you buy your saddle in specialized stores, and indeed few stores will offer you to buy used because they are more used to selling new at cost maximum. Regarding the purchase of saddle from individuals, there is no evidence that they are in good faith.

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